This website comes out of the collective experience of an instructor (Dr. Michelle Levy) and two students (Ashley Morford and Lindsey Seatter) in a digitally-focused Romantic literature class entitled “Reading the Literary Manuscripts of the Romantics” offered in the summer of 2014 and then redesigned to be taught again in summer 2015. This site is part of a two-fold project that also consists of a short introductory essay. The intentions of our project are to offer a hands-on how-to guide and set of best practices for use in the digital classroom, and to synthesize our successes and skills to help promote the effective integration of technology in courses devoted to literature of the Romantic period.

The website is divided into four primary sections: in the Model Projects section, you can explore successful digital projects completed for the course; in the Course Materials section, you will find the syllabus and key course handouts from the re-vamped summer 2015 class for your study and reflection; the Video Tutorials section provides videos that take you step-by-step through essential aspects of building digital projects on WordPress; finally, the Additional Resources section offers other scholarly sources that may be helpful in the process of teaching about and creating digital projects, and contains the sources we have drawn on to guide us in creating our project.

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