Course Materials

The course syllabus can be found here. Below you will find a series of course handouts and tutorials.

Stage within Course Pedagogical Intervention Links
Early Proactive Instruction in Digital Technology
Students should be given an introduction to WordPress (or other digital platform), with terminology and a practical guide to demystify it. A formal tutorial early in the semester describing the technical particulars of building a project using WordPress enables a proactive approach and does not assume that all students are digitally savvy.
Video Tutorials
Creating a WordPress Site
Creating a Page
Adjusting Theme & Customizing 

Final Project Technical Guidelines

Early Models of Digital Projects
Students should be given guidelines for the final project, and shown models of digital projects prepared by students in other courses, so they can see what they are working towards.
Model Projects
Middle Cumulative Design of Course Assignments
Given the steep learning curve, students are encouraged to integrate their earlier assignments (in this course, a traditional print essay, due about a third of the way through class), into the final project.
First Paper Guidelines
Middle Digital Coaching
As they begin to conceptualize their project, students must be given instruction in best practices in site design, and for incorporating multi-media and hyperlinks. The Final Project Proposal encourages them to begin to think through these issues by requiring a diagram of their site and a discussion of other design and organizational elements.
Video Tutorials
Integrating Media & Hyperlinks

Digital Site Design

Middle Formative Assessment
Students should be asked to prepare a final project proposal for feedback and evaluation. In this proposal, students should be asked to think about their research question, methodology, and how they will design their website to best represent their argument/evidence. As part of their proposals, students are asked to diagram the design of their project site for feedback, or to provide an URL to a shell site that can be viewed for feedback.
Final Project Proposal Guidelines
Late Peer Review
Given that students may not be prepared for the challenges of revising and proofreading a digital assignment, and will almost certainly produce more text than they do in print-based assignments, time should be allotted for peer review. Peer review can be conducted in class and/or digitally.
Final Project Peer Review
Late Evaluation Rubric
Students should be provided with a detailed rubric of assessment for their digital project. As this project may take many different forms, it is important that general principles and expectations be enunciated and quantified.
Final Project Grading Rubric

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